Giuseppe Vetrano works as a Filmmaker for over 15 years. He worked for big Brands in creating different types of videos. In the last 6 years he has devoted himself more for shooting for various realities of the Luxury and excellence world.


A curiosity for beauty is part of his upbringing. Growing up on the gorgeously wild island of Sicily, he has had an appreciation for artigianalità and an obsession with quality since birth. Masterpieces are manifested in everyday things.


He has always been fascinated by cinema, and he knew that he didn’t want to just watch films − he wanted to create them. His hands-on experience with film started early when his parents gave his a camcorder at 10 years old. He then trained himself to shoot with a steady hand and experimented with cinematic techniques. 


Fast forward to hundreds of commercials, documentaries and short films later, he's known for films that give viewers the opportunity to slow down and savor the stunning subtleties that the excellence industry is so celebrated for.



No man is an island, just as no great film is created alone. Giuseppe founded his brand Vetrano Visuals in 2009, collaborating with talented creatives from around Italy with and international background to help bring clients’ dreams to life − and to your screen. 



Trusted Camera Operator, attentive to detail and very personable



Creative copywriter, his explosiveness is overwhelming

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Photographer and creative director with an eye to the image