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Become a Filmmaker

Book your membership for the February 2019 Masterclass weekend

Giuseppe Vetrano è un Filmmaker e Direttore Creativo impegnato da oltre 12 anni nell'ideazione e produzione di diverse tipologie di audiovisual products, from documentaries to commercials, from viral to corporate videos.

After a degree in Entertainment Technologies and a Master's degree at the Catholic University of Milan, he began in 2007 as a programmer director for MTV Italia, and then continued his career by creating numerous videos for major brands.

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Day 1


Various fundamental theoretical topics for the creation of an audiovisual product will be covered, in particular:

- Cameras and sensors

- The framing

- Camera movements

- Optics and photography

- The assembly and the Color

- The importance of video today

You will also begin to learn the basics of editing and get familiar with an editing program (Final cut & Premiere). 

Day 2


During this day the knowledge acquired in day previous_. 

We will take care of the shooting of a short film, under the supervision of Giuseppe Vetrano 

In addition to building the editing of the shot,  you will learn to add sound to the video and to add a touch of color with color grading.

A training course to learn the world of video

and start creating.

During the course, the fundamental themes for the creation of a video will be dealt with, through all the main phases of production.

Participants will learn language, screenwriting, directing, shooting techniques, lighting, audio and editing 
During the course, a video project is studied and created, from the idea and script to the filming and final editing.

Who is it for:
The course is aimed at everyone, especially enthusiasts or aspiring professionals in the audio/video and cinematographic fields.
The course starts from a basic level also suitable for video neophytes.

During the training course, all the work phases for the creation of an audiovisual product are learned, from tecniche shooting to editing and finalization of the video. This course allows you to learn the fundamentals behind  audiovisual production.

No special requirements are required. For February dates, due to limited places (12 posti) The course will be subject to selection. Book the meetinghere.

It is recommended to have a camera or a digital SLR. It is not necessary to have a professional video camera.


The lessons will take place on the weekend of Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 February 2019  - 14 total hours 

timetable:  10 - 1.00pm // 2.30pm - 6.30pm 


Euro 190.00 (VAT and membership fee included)


APPI Association, via Marchese di Villabianca, Palermo (ITALY)

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If you have any curiosity about the course, you can contact us by sending a mail to:

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